Solar power

Solar power is being classified as a clean renewable energy source that needs to be encouraged to develop, not only bringing a lot of value to people but also helping to fight the climate change process that is taking place globally more seriously affecting human life as well as all creatures on earth. With a development orientation always associated with environmental protection and nature protection for the sustainable development of society, Helio Energy aims to continue to promote development and expand the scale of its portfolio of solar power projects.

Wind power

With many advantages and being able to be deployed quickly, wind power is considered an effective solution when Vietnam is facing an energy shortage, especially in the South, where there is a high demand for energy. and high growth rate. Vietnam has the advantage of a coastline of over 3,200km stretching across the country and the annual average wind speed in the East Sea of ​​Vietnam is greater than 6m/s at an altitude of 65m, so the potential for wind power is huge. Therefore, wind power is a renewable energy source that has received the Government's attention very early.

Other energy

Faced with the increasing demand for electricity for socio-economic development, traditional energy sources are increasingly depleted and over-exploited, causing harm to the environment, affecting the sustainable development of life. human life. The "green" energy trend is becoming popular and is an important source of compensating for electricity shortages. Therefore, other renewable energy sources such as biomass power, waste power, geothermal, tidal power, etc. are being researched and developed.